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Boxing is great fitness conditioning and effective for weight loss through high intensity training.

I look forward to helping YOU achieve your fitness goals.

You are on this page because you have registered for one or more of the following IAG 388 George St Sydney classes: 

  • Tuesdays 12pm - $85 (40min)
  • Thursdays 12pm - $85 (40min)

All rounds are a 10 week duration.

Classes are run down on the Mezzanine Courtyard (Between Ground and L1). Wet weather may result in the class being postponed. If the rain is light and it is not windy, it is usually possible for the class to proceed under the limited amount of cover. If the class is being postponed, I will email you - time permitting.

Information about MPT BoxFit training & technique

It is up to you to make it to as many sessions as you can. The price is fixed for the round. The more classes you make it to, the better value for money it works out.

If you are new to fitness boxing you may find the first couple of sessions more challenging as you learn how to master the correct technique. This is completely normal so don't worry. You will be provided with all the instruction needed to ensure a safe and effective workout. Please be aware that for safety and insurance reasons, all participants are required to use 'Punch Fit' technique, so you may find your technique being corrected to comply.

Persevere and after a few sessions, you will be able to switch your focus from learning how to do the boxing and pad-work to focusing on improving your speed and power.

MPT BoxFit classes are designed to provide maximum health benefit. This means you will be strongly motivated by your Trainer to adopt the correct techniques and push yourself harder each session. You will not be forced to carry out an exercise that is causing you pain or aggravating an existing injury or other health condition. Please ensure you tell your Trainer before each class if your medical condition changes or you have an injury, as modifications to your workout may be required.

What's next?

Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads are supplied however you are more than welcome to bring your own. For safety reasons, the wearing of quick wraps, stretch wraps or gel wraps under your gloves is compulsory. You can purchase a pair from rebel sport for about $18.

If I am not able to run a class on a particular day I will do my best to give advance notice and re-schedule the session. As classes are run outside and are weather permitting, notice may be given immediately before the class is due to start.

I strongly recommend you watch the Boxing Padwork instruction videos below before you start and then at regular intervals. This will help greatly in picking up the technique so you can then focus on intensity and getting a great workout.

The log in username is Yes and the password is Please


If you are new to 388 BoxFit or your medical condition has changed recently, you will need to complete the Medical / Legal waiver (click here). If you suspect you might require clearance from your doctor before training, please do this as soon as possible as you will not be able to commence without it. If on receipt of your waiver I believe clearance is required, I will inform you ASAP.

It is up to you to inform your trainer if you are suffering from pain, an injury or any other medical condition that may be negatively impacted by participating in the class exercises. If there is an exercise you know you can not do or are concerned about doing, inform the trainer and you will be given an alternative exercise or rested.

It is important that you learn the difference between discomfort from the exercises and genuine pain. Discomfort will usually be felt as an indicator your are pushing your muscles hard (getting benefit from the exercise). If you feel pain during the class, cease the activity immediately and inform the trainer. A correction to your technique may be required or an alternative exercise given

For information about how Matrix Personal Training manage your personal information, please view our privacy policy.

Payment Information

Payment of the round is required before classes commence and to secure your spot.

The preferred payment method is by direct deposit / EFT.

Account Name: Matrix Personal Training

Bank: G & C Mutual Bank (Formerly SGE Credit Union)

BSB: 659000

Account: 741603

Reference: Your name & class

Please note - I am no longer running these classes at IAG. Apologies for the inconvenience

This page and information is for registering clients of 

MPT BoxFit classes

"You have to train hard if you want to lose fat. Whether you coax the body to lose fat or think of it as a war, a radical approach is necessary. That said, you can't out-train a bad diet".

Author: Coach Charles Poliquin

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